2000 YZ426 clutch upgrade to 2001

In an attempt to cure the hideous clutch problem on my 2000 YZ426, this past week I replaced the last friction plate of the 2000 clutch with the 2001 friction plate, and added the 2001 seat plate and anti-judder spring. On Sunday I had the opportunity to test this remedy out on a 7 hour ride encompassing all types of terrain. I want to thank the fine members of this board for suggesting this remedy, as it completely cured the dragging/chattering clutch. There was absolutely no dragging and no chattering of any kind, even immediately after the bike was warmed up. I want to mention the stock clutch basket is still in this bike, and the clutch still works flawlessly. So, if you have a 2000 model and you want to fix the dragging clutch, don't waste $200+ dollars on a clutch basket, because all you need is $40 for the 3 2001 model clutch parts mentioned above !!! Now all I need to do is figure out how to do the BK mod !!!


Matt W

00 YZ426F

94 YZ 250


"Don't worry about me, how's my bike ?"

Just one note, when your clutch basket breaks you will wish you had spent the $200, the broken metal tabs take expensive parts with them. The 00 426 had early and late model baskets, maybe you are lucky and have the late model. Good luck, mike

And one more comment about the basket. The tangs get little grooves worn in them where the fingers of the plates slide back and forth during engagement/disengagement. When these grooves get deep enough, the plates tend to get sucked in as you try to gently engage the clutch and you end up with grabbiness. I don't think there is a pro rider out there that doesn't use an upgraded basket. And one last bit of info, if you disengage your clutch for about 20-30 seconds while the engine is warming up, the clutch is very smooth and you won't get that squawking noise and grabbiness. A fellow TT'er gave this advice and he was right on the money.

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