2001 XR650L winter jetting

I have a 2001 XR650L and need to know the best jetting for the winter months. Our temperature up here in Canada can vary between 0*C all the way down to -45*C. So I need a pretty wide jetting spec. Any help would be appreciated.

Skyrider, down here in Iowa it's can run anywhere from 35f down to around 0 but I will not ride below 20F. Anyway, I am running a 165 main, 55 pilot, K&N air filter, with a FMF Q pipe. Also have the snorkel removed and welds smoothed out on the header flange. I can get away with just the fuel screw adjustment right now. When it gets warm "65F" It's a little rich but tollerable. At 40F it's right on and rips. It hasn't reached below 35 here yet but it's coming. Considering I'm a little rich I don't forsee any complications. Oh yeah the Dynojet needle is on the third postion and the slide has been drilled 5/32.


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