Who races the RMEC circuit here? if you do...did you happen to do dry creek this year?

I didn't race but have friends who did. The general consensus

is that it was an ass-kicker. One friend who rode said "It

was ZERO fun" I doubt he'll go back.

I was chairman of the RMEC for 2 years and I've raced every

race on the circuit at one time or another and have done this

race once.

I was going to go but I injured my ankle. A friend of mine went, and said the conditions and terrain were awesome. The course marking wasn't though. He and many others took a major wrong turn and ruined his race, took 5th. He is winning the 250B class in the series so taking 5th was pretty frustrating. He said that other than that, the race is well worth doing.

Well, contrary to popular opoinion, i think dry creek was a blast. i am 16 and ride a 2001 yz426, and have been raised riding rocks since i was 5....needless to say, i though it challenging, but fun...im in only my first year of racing, so i signed up for c class......this was awesome though

LOL... maybe my bud was just being a wuss.

In his defense, he did say that the A/B loop was much

more difficult that the C loop, as is usually the case.

Any of you headed to Boondockers in November?

I'm also headed out to Cotton Boll on 10/21. If you're

goin', lemme know and I'll rustle up some adult beverage.

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