2006 yz450 wont shift from 3rd to fourth

Just rebuilt eng new bearings crank. have 10 hr on new eng now bike wont shift from 3rd to 4th gear. I pulled en apart no visual problems in transmission.

You had 10 trouble free hours after the rebuild? That's kinda odd. Did the bike always shift killer until now? The flat spots at the ends of the shift forks, do they all look the same, or are some more shiny/polished looking than others? Does it engage nicely by hand now that it's all apart?

Need more info.

Does the shifter move from second to third normally, but there's no third gear (as though it were neutral), then shift from there normally to 4th and 5th?

Or will the shifter not move past second?

I think we fig it out. The shifter wouldnt move past 3rd. The shift fork with the 5be part number was jamming up the shift drum and wouldnt allow it to go through the dip that moves fork in and out of gear. I bought new fork going to tryit tonight. Let you know what happens.

Ok I feel like the village idiot. After going through the whole shifting set up I thought we had a bent shift fork. With everything out and just the shift drum and fork in the boss it rides in we noticed the fork wouldnt go down far enough to let drum rotate through its range of motion. We put new fork in same problem. At this point we noticed a very small peace of media that was used to polish the gears in transmission. evadently it had lodged in shift fork shaft and worked its way down to end and lodged at bottom of casing preventing fork from going through full range of motion. That explains why 10 hrs of flawless riding then no shifting. Hundred dollars later its fixed. Thanks

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