Magura hyd. Clutch... will a '02YZ fit a '02WR?

Does anybody know if I can swap a '02YZ426 hydraulic clutch with a '02WR426? I dont see why I wouldnt be able to. Let me know if anyone has any thoughts.....

Should be a perfect swap. :)

Dont forget to route the line on the left side of the frame at the head and cross over under the main tube to the right side of the carburator. This ensures you have enough freedom for the hydraulic line when turning the bars. :D

Thanks Indy, but the '02 clutch line comes in from the left side to begin with. The '03 comes in from the right. Is this what you are talking about? :)

Yes, I wasn't sure on the 426's but that is what I meant for a 450. :)

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