WR426 Transmission Questions - Help

Okay, out for a ride the other day and chain snapped and bound up my countershaft and locked up motor.

Pushed it home. Got chain out, looked around for any cracks in case, got lucky I thought cuz I didn't see anything wrong/cracked. Bike started right up and sounded normal.

With the motor NOT running you can turn the countershaft about 1 turn before it gets stuck and it takes a lot of effort to get it past the stuck place. If you start the bike, the tranny will shift into each and every gear fine, however as you let the clutch out and the countershaft starts moving, it makes an awful rattle/rap as the countershaft turns.

Long story short, I ripped the motor out and split the cases and took a look. Dont see anything, showed a professional my cases and tranny gears/forks/etc and he didn't see anything worn out or worth replacing. Bearings seem to turn fine. He didn't have the ability to check and see if the counter and drive shafts were bent so I decided to just buy both shafts. Mounted them onto the clutch side cases and everything moved fine BUT as soon as you put the shift side case on where the counter shaft comes out of the case....I get the same dang spot where the countershaft will turn about 1 revolution and then gets stuck. Take a pair of plyers and move it and then it frees up until it hits that same spot again.

For some reason, I am thinking the case where the chain got all bunched up in the countershaft area may have been knocked/banged out of whack where it is not lined up perfectly?

Any ideas or direction?

Wow! That must have been a hell of a sudden lock-up! I can't see the cases being bent, but I guess it's possible. Look them over really good. I can't think of anything else.


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