I want a 426!

Man, I want a 426 in a bad way! I have a YZ250F that I love, but my buddy let me ride his 426 this weekend and I fell in LOVE...I had been afraid that the extra weight would be an issue, but it wasn't! 426's absolutely ROCK!!! As soon as I save up the $$$'s, I'm gettin' one.


I first would like to say that I really like my 250f after I added several mods(Dr.D pipe, half c/f airbox, P-38, remote hotstart). BUT, with the 426, you don't need to do a thing to it, the power is there at the twist of the wrist, it pulls like crazy and the extra weight wasn't a factor to me at all(like it had been the first time I rode one). I just started riding again back in January and at that time I had ridden the 426 and it seemed like a monster to me. It felt very heavy and had scary power, so I optioned for the 250f and am glad I did. I don't think that my riding experiences would have been as much fun, and I probably would have gotten frustrated. I added the mods to my 250f due to the fact that I was having to ride it faster than I wanted to be able to clear the jumps, the mods made life easier for me by giving me more power to compensate for my lack of riding abilities. I now have greatly improved over just a few short months primarily due to awesome 250f, I just think now that with my improvements that the 426 is so much fun and doesn't scare me anymore. I ride both trails and MX, I prefer the 250f in the trails cause it's lighter and quicker in the tight stuff, I also have a blast on it riding MX. But for wide open long tracks, the 426 is just a ton of fun.


I have been wondering how the two compare. What do you like about the 426 over the 250f? Does the 30 pounds make that much difference? What about the way the power hits? Do you ride the track or the trails?

I am just curious because the 426 is my first dirt bike since I was a kid and I often wonder if I should have gotten the 250f. Until know, my love has been for street bikes, but my 426 is getting a whole lot more attention than the GSXR collecting dust in my garage.

Hey Bandicoot i have a super clean 2000 426 i can sell ya cheap!!! asking $3500 obo & i live near ya in cedar creek!

here is a pic http://www.halfenusa.com/t27.jpg

bike has new 739 rear 752 ft tire, recently rebuilt suspension, o ring chain, renthal bars & sprockets, Acerbis Flag hand guards, Hinson basket ...

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Nice Bike...I don't have the money right now and after reading about the CRF450, I want to wait and see how that beast is gonna workout. Do you race with SUnruh? What kinda new bike are you lookin' at pickin' up? Do you know of any places to ride at besides Milano on Mondays and Tuesdays?


Well i have a CR450 comming in but need to unload this bike or the wife unit will be unhappy! She has a YZ125 thats for sale cuz she is preggo!

Yeah i know sunruh.. we run the tchss series or shall i say i was in the series kinda skipped the last few races...but i see him at RPMX too.

Hmmm mon or tuesday not much open here... PAradise MX in seguin is open wed-sun untill like 11pm i think..

Lakeside is getting rebuilt totally

rpmx every other sunday

Milano if ya have a lease i used to but this year didnt renew.

Have you been to cycleranch that place rocks! BLows away village creek & whitney!

SO are ya sure ya dont want a 426 have the best of both 250f & 426 in the garage haha

I ride Lakeside usually on every other Sat. providing their open, and RPMx on Sun. when I don't go to VP, Village Creek or Mosier. I have a couple friends that are on the Milano lease, so there is really no need for me to join since there aren't any openings. I go to DFW every Tues. and ride either V/C or Mosier and sometimes go to some trails off of 175 in Pleasant Grove. Haven't been to Paradise yet, but am going to search around and maybe check that out this Sun. I was hoping to find something more close to home, but am not having any luck. We'll lucky you, maybe I will see ya around one of the tracks, I drive a white Chevy van and ride the 250f. See ya,


Do you go to dallas for work each week? thats alot of driving... but actually village creek was my fav track before cycle ranch, broke my foot the 1st day i was ever there after about 30 min... that was a bummer haha... it was just such a haul that i hardly got up there.

Texas motoplex in rosenburg is pretty fun too its a real LONG track.. but i would guess that would be 3 hrs for you to get there. I here they are selling monthly membership where you can ride every day for 40 or 60 a month pretty good deal if you can make it a few times

There just isnt much in the direct austin area but lakeside & rpmx ... Paradise is only a hour for me but i am south of austin near bastrop.

I have some friends on the lease at milano also, i just havnt been able to hook up with them lately.

rpmx is open this sunday & i might go there in the am for a few laps

drive a pewtwer Z/71 426 # T27 Usually a bunch of us 426 pilots are parked there in a group

No, I don't work up there, I make the drive because they are the only places open on Tues. My work schedule is Wed thru Fri and every other Sat. I work the night shift so when I get off on Sat. and every other Sun. mornings, I try to go ride for a few hours. I might just have to show up at RPMx and twist a throttle. I'm ususally the first or second person to show up there due to the fact that I get off work at 7am. Anyways, look for #70, It will be good to meet ya. Oh, forgot to ask if they are still opening at 10am or 9.


well mr.coot cant make it now ... i sold my 426... I'll be out there prob next practice though.

I think they open at 9 but not 100% sure ...

check out www.texasoffroad.net & the track section ... a good bb for whats going on around austin ...

oooohhh LOOPOUT... a preggo wife unit... well after the 450 comes in and the little one comes maybe we can work out a deal for me to take the 450 off your hands hehehe

I'm sellin mine there dude.(426) Now that I have decided to keep the new CR. The kid is now racing the 250 along with his 125.

As soon as the arm gets better I will be back on the bike. You know everything that is done to it, and you know that it will motor away from brothers 2000.

I am hitting Oak Hil on Wed. Let me know if your interested in the bike. I could meet ya at the track if ya want to buy it like,............. Tuesday!! HAHA

nahhhh i got it good ... my wife rides too so no bike selling for me.

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