Hey guys i want to hook this ignition switch up to my wr450 and want to know how i would do it as my manual i have doesnt say what wire is what so i am stuffed.

That is the switch i am going to buy as i cant seem to find a wr450 one.

I just got my bike registered and i have a 2 wire toggle on/off switch hooked up so anyone can jump on and ride off on my bike while i am in the shop.

Thanks guys hope to have someone help me out.

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Just go to dick smith and buy a two wire key switch to replace the toggle you have. That would be the easiest solution!

What happened to the stock ignition switch?

Just use the wires from your toggle on the new keyed switch. The new switch has a set of "normally open" and "normally closed" wires. You'll only use 2 of the 4 wires shown on the new switch.

JUst buy a $5 pad lock with a key and slip it through the front disk. Its a dirt bike!!! If someone wants it they'll get it. It would be super easy to pull the wires out of the back of a key switch and start the bike. And its super easy to throw the bike in the back of a truck with 2 guys. There is not much you can do if someone wants to steal it. Sorry but that is the truth.

The best thing is just be EXTREMELY careful at where you park/leave it. If I know I'll be inside somewhere for a long time I try to not take my bike. if I do I park right in front of the place. And if I am stoping for a bite to eat I park it where I can see it while sitting down eating.

i only ride it to the shops to run in and get something quickly, i dont leave it there and go shopping and looking, i am just worried that anyone can go up and hit the switch and ride off where if it has a key they have to try break it or h wire it and by that time i would of flogged the shit out of them.

We live in a small town so everyone knows most of us and they know not to touch my stuff.

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