2011 WR 450 boiling over?

Hey all,

How do you know when your bike is too hot? I've never had any reason to suspect that mine ever has been, but I'm planning on riding this week on some slower trails and it is supposed to be 100+ degrees outside.

When it spits coolant out the bottom and makes a bad sound. Mine does it quite a bit in warmer weather in really slow trails

80 degree day to a 100 degree day will not make much of a difference to your bike. Airflow over the radiators and humidity (higher humidity will help it tranfer the heat better) make a huge difference. Ride fast. If you cannot, consider adding a fan for the slow stuff.

I have one of those stick on temp strips on my radiator and I look at it from time to time. I have never had it get over 200 degrees.

I'm running a 1.6 lb radiator cap and engine ice. My temp gets 200 during enduros in tight sections running second gear for extended periods in 90 degree weather. A cheap computer fan, toggle switch, fuse, and some wires to the battery is cheap insurance, but as long as you can keep moving you'll be fine. FYI engine ice dropped my temps 20-30 degrees.

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