Weak starter?

When I first start my bike up with choke open it fires first click, later when I try and start it I have to turn the throttle and give it some gas then it fires one click. If I don't give it gas it will start occasionally but most of the time it just keeps trying.

On the other hand I can give it one kick and will fire back up... Guy I was riding with said it's weak?

try hitting it with a jump to a differrent known strong bike or car battery to see if it is the battery having a dying cell or dirty conneciton befor you toss cash at a starter.

The starter works but needs sOme gas to start. Not sure why but I've seen other people with this too

1st, if your pilot jet isn't correct, you will always have trouble.

Did you convert to all DC? If you haven't and are running stock type battery, this will persist. On my 06 I converted it to DC and used stock battery and this weak starting went away. Only when putting up arrows in summer does it get weak from using it every 4 mins.

The battery gets the full charge and works fine.

On the 09, in stock form, the starting was horrible. Same stuff as you. After getting the right pilot jet and putting a Shorai battery in there and it starts first stab cold or hot. Unless something starts going wrong, I'm going to hold off with the DC conversion.

So either get a much lighter stronger cranking power Shorai, or convert it to DC w/current battery. The stock charging set up sucks.

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