differences between 2001 wr250f & Yz426

i was under the impression coming from the 250f forums that alot of parts were interchangable, such as plastics, tank, tires/rims what about engine parts? theres a guy selling a set of supermoto tires and rims, and a whole shed full of parts, wondering if its worth while?



'01 YZF plastics will fit your WR, but the tank, seat, and shrouds have to be a matched set of either WR or YZF. The wheels will fit. Outside of the spark plug and the oil filter, very few engine parts interchange.

Thank you very much! i picked up a few front fenders and a fork guard also picked up the wheel set, they are excel pro series hubs and tagasko rims, the front hub didn't come with wheel spacers, so i'll have to make some up or find the replacements.

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