DNF'd on Sunday...

Bike just wouldn't stay running, as soon as I would let off the throttle it would die, it died like 7 or 8 times of the first lap of my GP. It was very hard to start then eventually wouldn't start unless I held the throttle half open. Let me tell you it was a pain in the arse to push it back ~1 mile!

Any thoughts? I am thinking my pilot jet may be clogged???

Did you go through any water?

No sir

Do you have a aftermarket air/fuel screw? Check it to make sure it's still there. Don't ask me how I know this. :thumbsup:

Ya buddy it was still there I was adjusting to trying to remedy the issue. Doing a tear down to check valves and replace the timing chain and clean carb. Hopefully that dolls her up!

I bet your PJ is clogged. I'd just drop the float bowl screw and remove the pilot jet through that and see.

Takes about 2 beers to check.

Thanks Beezer, I assumed so myself


Thats one design flaw of these 4t bikes, jetting. removing the float bowl to change/check the Pilot jet etc is a major pain in the booty.

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