yz426f oil after cam install

Hey guys long time lurker and couldnt find any info about this.... i am about to put the auto decomp cam in and the hot cams instructions said to use conventional oil for break in. So what is recomended and for how long until i switch back to yamalube 20w50 semi synthetic if thats the right oil lol.

Thank you much


I ran my bike about 5 minutes or so to make sure it ran Ha Ha let cool down did this again for 2 or 3 more times rode the bike about 30 miuntes then changed the oil after that I doing the normal oil changes.

If I was you put a new cam chain as long as you'r in there.

Clean the screen and filter.

Just me I had an new filter and clean screen when I put the new cams and cam chain so after break in I would know if there was something wrong after break in if you dont if there something bad in there before you never know is from the new cam or not extra $5.00 for a fliter is no big deal.

Use your normal oil for break in regardless. There is no problem with using synthetics or synthetic blends during the break in period. The suggestion that there is is one of the most persistent and unsupportable myths in the industry.

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