Anyone read MXA?

Does anyone have a copy of the MXA test on the 01' yz426? What did they say about it and what did they recommend for settings (ie. carb, suspension)? Any info would be appreciated, thanks ...

What worked for them will probably not work for you. Altitude/elevation differences

No, but MXA seems to be soo full of crap I don't read it anymore. Jetting is something the magazines take credit for, but rarely are the recommended changes typical of the average rider/bike.

I love how they tout certain companies constantly. I bet they get plenty of lobster dinners for doing so! And all we get are high prices and bad advice.

I've only read RacerX for the last couple of years - Mxa is usually stuffed full of ads and nothing more ... however, their bike test still have some merit.

I think MXA is okay. They seem to be criticize the shortcomings of bikes more so than the other magazines. With all the other maggies, every bike is just wonderful. MXA seems to tell it like it is AND then offer a solution to fix what is wrong with a particular bike.

Yah I have it

Jetting "spot on"


change to .47kg/mm from .46

oil 130 mm

comp 7 out

rebound 9 out fork leg ht 3.o mm up


spring 5.4 stock

sag 101

comp 11 out

reb 12 out

To me all rags are the same.

some good stuff some not.

But that's the great thing about the usa

Don't like it don't buy it

Originally posted by herbski:

Yah I have it

Which issue is that?


'01 YZ426

'00 Harley Police Special(Got it for free, and I get paid to ride it!)

Originally posted by tawood385:
Originally posted by herbski:

Yah I have it

Which issue is that?

January 2001

MXA- yes lots of ads, but still worth the subscription price just for the tech tips. Good bike tests too. Seem to be consistent, they will always do an early quick test on a bike that is coming out, then later do a complete test after the model is released. They do seem to lean towards the blue bikes, and is it just me or does it seem like there are more blue ads too?

Too bad the tech tips are incorrect half the time.

But it sure does have pretty pictures.


MX Tuner

I like MXA, it's the only family mag that is not full of questionable material. My motocross experience is a family affair, from my wife to my seven year old boy. They believe in not confusing the pure grit and hard work of motocross with chicks. To be honest I am 34 and like my "chick". It's just nice to let the kids look at it.

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