Lets see those Desert tanks! WR400f's

Gonna be picking a tank next week but i want to see what they look like on the bike, please put gallons and brand! :thumbsup:

Here are a few of my 426 which is close enough. Its a Clarke 3.3 with the YZ seat.




i was leaning towards clear but thats just too much tank for me i think... hmm i hate big purchases that i know i might not like afterwards. How long have you had that and do you keep your bike covered? I don't want it to yellow...lol

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I was a little leary of going with "natural" when I bought it but I'm glad I did now. The look of it has grown on me and I really like being able to see the fuel level at a glance. The tank has been on the bike for about 7 years now with no issues. I don't keep the bike covered but it is always kept in my garage and out of the sun. It does have some discoloration but it isn't too bad and is mainly in the area where your knees rub. I think what also helps keep the tank looking better is not to keep fuel in it for long periods of time if its not being used. During the summer months when its too hot to ride in my area I always make sure to drain the tank.

The main reason that I put this tank on is so that I could use the YZ seat. I think that the Clarke tank is only about .1 gal. more than the stack WR tank so its really not much of an upgrade size wise except for the ability to use the flatter YZ seat. I have a buddy with the same bike running the IMS 3.4 tank in "natural" and it shows more yellowing than mine but I also don't think that he is as careful as I am and I'm pretty sure he doesn't drain the fuel. It seems like a good tank but requires you to move the petcock to the other side. I also noticed that IMS not only sells the 3.4, but also a 4.0. Might be worth checking into if you need more capacity. I can get 110 or so miles out of my 3.3 Clarke depending on the conditions. Don't forget about the Acerbis tank also. Have only seen one on a WR 450 but it was a nice tank.

yeah Acerbis has the big 6.6 gallon but only for the newer bikes... i was leaning towards the YZ set up but don't want to drop the money for a seat too and i don't really care about bike set up, i'll hop on anything set up how ever and still be just as fast... (which isn't really fast but it gets the job done...lol) Natural 4 gallon i think it is!

I'm pretty sure that the IMS 4 gal. tank requires the use of the YZ seat. Actually, frrom what I remember all of the aftermarket tanks must use the YZ seat. Clarke may have a replacement tank that keeps the YZ seat but I'm not 100% on that. You can find the seats pretty cheap nowdays on Ebay and I would definately recommend it if you are going to the trouble of swapping tanks because it lets you sit much farther up.

Here is mine! on a 99 WR400. It was on the bike when I got it. Not sure which one it is. I put 3.3 gals in yesterday and that is the most I have put in, and that was about 15 miles on reserve. I can get right around 150 mile range with it on the street. Haven't done a long enough dirt ride to know what my range is on dirt.

I am not a huge fan of the look of the clear tanks, but functionality wise its the best hands down. And the more I have it the more I don't mind the color. If I had to buy one I would go clear just for the sake of being able to know exactly how much fuel I have on long dual sport rides. No guesing is better than pushing down the road!!




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