426 kicking butt at cainville

we recently had a 3 day trip to cainville Utah, (for those not familiar, see global addiction dvd, from godfrey films)

on the last day we did a little drag racing. on the first run, i got a bad start and a yz426 beat me, but i won every other heat. i beat a stock 03 yz450, a stock 00 yz426, an 00 cr500, and a couple of 250's. bike was dialed in great, guy on the cr500 was pissed cos he won most of them last year, but then i hadnt done any mods last year. :)

I'm so jealous :) My buddies and I plan a ride in that area every year around February. Great riding.

I had the opportunity to race two 03 crf450’s and an 04 crf450, I beat the 03’s hands down and was about even with the 04. I was surprised the WR did so well against them!

These bikes Rip!

mrmoto, how is the weather in feb, only been in november, got sunburned!!

Last year it was a balmy 55 degrees. We had a blast. We're planning another trip this year... don't have the exact date in February yet. There are usually 16-25 riders. Yeeehaaa! :) Maybe you'd like to join us?

Cainville RoCks and Moab too :)

Dang Bill - you had to remind me... with every box I move this weekend I'm going to be thinking about you riding in Moab :). It's already driving me crazy.

Hey Eric,

Do not go outside......sun is shining finally :)

call me when you go,801-451-0290 ask for phil

Will call you about the cainsville ride... this weekend we're going to ride Cherry Creek (next to Little Sahara). If you're interested, I just posted a message on the WR and DRZ forums.

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