stripped threads

the oil filter drain bolt has the inner threads stripped on my 426.Changed the oil tonight(first time since I bought it last week) and the bolt wouldn't tighten back in and somebody had teflon tape put on the threads.Are these threads in the inner clutch cover or in the RH engine case?Anybody have any suggestions on how to fix this without replacing the cover?I tried another bolt just a shade longer and it holds tight but without the collar built on the bolt I get a leak.Seems like everything I try lately I run into problems.I have it in now with more thread tape and a bit of silicone to try and hold it there but I just dont feel right leaving it like that.

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I took the side cover off today and installed the helicoil to fix the threads,also did the ballbearing(I used a BB)mod so it won't happen again.The drain hole was filled with debris and wouldn't even drain oil out.Hope this is the last of the surprises from this bike.

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