First time owner of a yz450

I recently bought my friends 09yz450 from him, its set up for harescrambles, its my first Yamaha, and first 4 stroke, I used to ride an Rm250, so anyways, this was more of an introduction of myself as I will no longer be in the Suzuki 2stroke forum asking questions, I will be im this forum instead, thanks~ Anthony

came from a KX250 myself this past month,still have the 2 stroke but its down with a bad stator.Bought a YZ426 just to see if 4 stroke is what I wanted,I find the bike a bit heavy compared to the 2 stroke but really like the ease of power it has.So far I have been finding alot of lil problems with the bike but its old so its expected.I'm thinking next spring I'm going to unload both bikes and get a new or newer 450,either a yamaha or honda.Would like EFI but depends on how much I can afford.

i also came from a 2t, yz250 although i hadnt ridden a bike in almost 2 yrs, this 07 def took some getting used too. i went down in the corners a few times the first few trips to the track. but now that im getting the suspension dialed in a bit its getting better. that and i picked up some bad habits racing the 450R the past 2 years lol. i grabbed this bike for pretty cheap just to see how i would like the transition, ill probably pick up a leftover 12 during the winter

Yea man,im with ya on the power, its so much better bombing up nasty hills with the 450, I'll probably never own a 2 stroke again, lol

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