Trail tech battery drainage problems?

Ive just fitted the vapour to my wr450 05.

Ive wired in the rpm sensor to the plug on the coil and sliced in the temp sensor. it was all working fine did 36 mile on it stoping and starting the bike at different points along the way.

Then i stopped at the 36 mile mark to refill the tank, went back to my bike and lone behold no ignition light :blink: It wouldent even kick start????

So after having to mess about with trying my mates ignition switch on mine i eventually trailered it home but on the way back i remembered i seen something on her about the rpm wire affecting some ones horn or something so when i got it home i disconnected the rpm sensor wire and the ignition light came on :thumbsup: but dimmed the trail tec back light. it then started on the kick.

Took it out today very dim ignition light to a couple of kicks but it started did 18 mile on it and then it wouldent start :lol: no ignition light so i lucky i was at honda and got a new battery off a fireblade (not cheap :lol: )

now am scared to plug the trail tec into the battery for fear of me not being able to start it in the forest it was so low the stator couldent even charge it past 8v the new battery charges up to 13 no bother (the stator is brand new yamaha)

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Not being caused by the Trail Tech.

With the bike switched off, put a 20 amp amp meter on the red battery lead. Any draw with the bike off? Checek the draw with the bike on, then connect the Trail tech. Connecting and disconnecting will tell where the draw is. Bike off, the draw should be very close to 0 milliamps.

I just installed one on my 03 and when I ran the RPM and power wirse I was concerned that they were not very durable. You didn't pinch the RPM wire in the routing did you?

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