Repacking exhaust ? - little help

Before I spring for the quiet core for my BiG Gun I thought I'd try re-packing it. Is this easy to do? Looking for advice on how to. It's on a 98 wr400.

Many thanks!

chris :)

Don't know how to do it on a big gun. It was easy on my DSP (which is actually a Yoshi I found out). Just drill out the rivits, remove the core, throw away the burnt/crispy junk, go to you local dealer, buy some repacking material. Wrap it around the core, and pop rivit it back together. It took all of 15 minutes, and I didn't even remove it from the bike.

Didn't help, it is still LOUD

...thanks man. Looks like I should spring for the quiet core. Anyone know if this'll knock off a few desi-balls?

Thanks again,

chris :)

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