Can anyone explain fitement of these levers?

What's the actual reason that these won't fit an '03 WR450? I need some adjustable flexi levers but having difficulty finding any for a good price, im an engineer so can overcome fitment issues if i know what problems im likely to have.

Any info appreciated :-)

Interesting! I can't think of any reason why they wouldn't fit.


I find it odd too, could it be something as simple as the WR hot start lever?

Actually no that wouldn't make any sense, the hot start is on the perch.

They will fit. The brake lever may not have the brake switch arm on it to activate the brake lights.

Same as XR/CR levers.

If that the case I'll order some. Brake and clutch switches went along time ago anyways!

I thought the WR lever was different than the YZ lever where it fit into the perch

The ad states that it'll fit both wr and yz, just a bunch of different years??

The clutch lever from my 03 WR450 won't fit the perch of either my 02 or 08 YZ250's because it's thicker. I'm pretty sure the brake levers are the same.

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