Starting problem

I have a problem.

When i hit the start button on my 2003 wr 450 nothing happens.

My battery is new,i have a new starter solenoid.i have checked the switch and it is ok.what could be wrong.i have no click in starter relay.

Is the bike in gear? There's a safety switch built into the clutch perch, so that the bike won't start in gear. Could it be that? Need more info.


No,it is in neutral.

Any other suggestions??

Does the starting button go straight to the solenoid?

And the starter is okay.i tried to put 12v straight to the starter + and it starts the engine

The starter button goes to a relay which fires the starter.

Check the switch.

Check the relay.

You should be able to track down the issue between those two items.

Where is the relay on the bike?

It works know.a cable that goes in a relay behind the battery was cut of.

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