YZ Exhaust Cam and RPM

I installed a YZ Exhaust cam in my WR450 last weekend. The bike rips! Arms too sore to type! When I compaired the the YZ cam to the WR cam I found the de-compression "pin" was shorter and rounder, now the starter does'nt seem to spin the engine as fast nor will it start the engine. I pulled out my induction Tach to check the idle RPM and found no coil wire (forgot coil over plug).

Question 1: Anyone else having problems with starting (using the electric starter) after installing the YZ cam?

Question 2: Who knows how to check the RPM, other than using just my ear?


03 WR450 Free mods, JD Jetting, Zip-Tie screw, exhaust insert, YZ Exhaust cam, No-Toil filter with No-Toil oil.

I have an '03 WR with the YZ exhaust cam and it starts just fine. I don't even have the kick start lever on the bike anymore, I leave it in the tool box.

Granted I use my bike soley for supermoto so I'm not at risk of being stranded miles away from my car!

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