where to buy from

Hey guys i am chasing some brand new plastics for my 2003 WR450, I looked on ebay and they dont seem to sell one with the tail light?

I am putting a new graphics kit on so i want new plastics but cant seem to find any.

Also will a 2008 model headlight plastic it a 2003 as i want the newer style headlight

thanks guys

If you ride at night, ever, I highly recommend you stay away from the newer styled headlight. The light output is atrocious!!!


First off, it doesn't run the same bulb. And secondly, the lens material is glass on the '03, and plastic on the newer styled one. Combined, the newer styled headlight is atrocious. I did the same as what you are trying to do. And after one night ride, the stocker went back on!


Oh ok what bulb to they run?

They just look better.

Glad to hear that it looks better. Best of luck.


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