08' hard to start after pulling carb and cleaning?

I recently pulled the carb on my 08' for a cleaning also added a adjustable leak jet. The bike is harder to start now when cold. Takes between 7-8 kicks cold. Normally would crank on 1-2. Starts on 1-2 kicks when warm though.

Here is what i did when I pulled it:

pulled slide and needle jet cleaned everything with simple green

pulled all jets and cleaned (Pilot jet was clogged cleaned it)

didn't mess with the float bowl at all

added adjustable leak jet and set to factory leak jet setting

replaced all vent lines

also did the AP pump mod

Gently blew compressed air to assist in cleaning. No compressed air in float bowl though.

The bike runs flawless now with no popping on decel. Throttle response is very crisp with no bog whatsoever. I ride in houston where it is hot and humid. My only guess is that the bike is running to rich right now and I need to go one step down(smaller) on the Pilot Jet. Also checked for exhaust leaks none found. Fuel screw at 2 turns out. Any Ideas?

1) also did the AP pump mod

2) The bike runs flawless now with no popping on decel.

1) Please elaborate on this; what mod?

2) This is an indication that it's probably too rich on the pilot. On the other hand, you're complaining of cold starts not hot. Are you in the habit of priming the engine using the throttle/accelerator pump for cold starting? If not, try twisting the throttle 2-3 times first, then start it in a normal manner.

Probably wrote it wrong but it's the accelerator pump mod.

Also I always prime it when cold. Would going down a size in pilot help it start easier when cold?

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