weep hole on water pump

what prevents fluid from coming out the weep hole? It happened after a ride today and when I shut the motor off. While looking for the source of the leak, I ran the motor, turned it off and completly filled the overvlow tank. What gives there? After 5,000 miles, I think I have a problem.

Any help please. thanks


The weep hole is there to tell you that something is wrong internally. It's also called a "tell-tale" hole for this reason. Behind the cover is a series of seals, and this is what keeps the coolant where it's supposed to be. When one or more of the seals fails, then the coolant starts leaking out of this hole to "notify" you that you need to fix the seals.


Thanks Maniac, I was affraid of that. I hadn't had a bit of trouble all these years until I put the new blue coolent in just a few days ago, supposed to make the engine run cooler.....coincidence I guess.

More than likely, coincedence. It's not difficult to replace the seals, just use the manual, and look on here for threads that will help. Sometimes the shaft has to be replaced as well, due to grooving.


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