Chain Length and Guide for 13/52 Combo on '08?

I know some of you may have tried or do run a 13/52T combo, but have you found an aftermarket chain guide that gives you a better shot at the rear sprocket? Did you make your own guide drop bracket? If not, how long of a chain did you go with on the 13/52 combo to push the sprocket back farther and still have room for chain-stretch adjustment?



I have 13/52 on mine with the stock chain. Plenty of room to adjust.

I am, however getting a 12 CSS. 13 is just too tall.

I still have the stock chain, but the guide is eating the outside of it with the angle onto the 51T rear. I want to try a 52T, maybe a 53T, or just step the front down to a 12T and the rear back to a 50T.

What I really want is the bottom gearing of the KTM-W's that I ride with that seem to tractor up the steep, craggy trails.

What did you do about the angle on your chain guide and any slider problems that you know of going to a 12T front?


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I didn't change anything with the rear guide. I'm not seeing any unusual wear.

I don't think the 12 CSS will cause any issues either, but I'll let you know if it does.

Thanks for your input. I ordred a 12T CSS and will go back to the 50T rear to lessen the approach angle from the guide.

I did some more looking and I came across Gearing Commander. I ran the combinations and think the 12/50 will give me what I'm after without using huge rear sprocket (damage magnet) and chain guide issues.

I run a 12 on the front with no problems 50 at the back.

I run a 12 on the front with no problems 50 at the back.

Nice! That's where I'm headed. Thank you.

ride faster, gear taller

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