Anyone tried DRD pipe yet?

Has anyone purchased or have any experience with the Dubach DRD 426 pipe? I am considering purchasing. I have been told that the pipe increases the hit in low,mid & high. Is this the case??????


I got my pipe about a month ago and can't rave enough about it! The improvement in power curve across the whole powerband is incredible. I wasn't sure if I just wanted it to be that way or not so I had my riding buddy try my bike(he has the same year bike)and he agreed. I was thinking about the BK mod before I got the pipe and now Im wondering if it would improve the perf. anymore than what I already have. I highly recommend it. Im told by DRD that it shaves a

1lb off. :) NOTE: I asked them to include braze-ons for the stock heat shield and they did at no appearant extra cost, I thought that was cool.

What should we expect to pay for a complete pipe? I found one for $460 sounds high?

Soundchaser, I run a T-4 Procircuit - on its last leg...I am looking for a pipe that opens it all up. No new bike this year - but a new pipe may wake this 426 up! Where is the place to get the best deal on DRD?


the dubach exhaust system can be bought at for $368.00. you might also try to contact greg at or jeff at to see if you can get it cheaper still. I have this pipe on my 250f and it rocks! good luck and happy shopping.

I have been in touch with Dubach Racing and the 426 pipe bought through them is 438. It sound like the best choice out there and it come with a spark arrester for those of us that trail ride a bit.

They are giving a 10% discount and free shipping in the U.S.A. to all TT members. Tell them you heard it on TT about the discount. Hope some day I can afford one. ENYOY! ~Hit-man~


00'YZ426F 00'XR50R LATER DAYS!!!

hey hit man- who is giving the discount to tt members?



2001 yz 426

1998 gsx-r 750

Originally posted by screamin426:

hey hit man- who is giving the discount to tt members?


I saw your post and though I would give you the reply.

You can call 714-665-8842 and talk with me Gina @ Dubach Racing. I offered the discount to thank TT members for all there support.

Gina Dubach

I just ordered mine today. They are great to deal with!! I live over seas in the military and it was as easy as a phone call and it's on the way. Gina or Doug answer any questions you have.

Please post your feedback on this pipe. I have the E-series. My friend bought the Dubach and I think it is alot better than the E-series everywhere. I am trying to bring myself to fork out the cash, so help me out with your assessments.

How is the decibel level on the Dr. D pipe? Anyone got #'s I like my white bros, but I'm going broke buying earplugs for all my riding buddies! :-)


It's on par with the White Bros., if not a tad-bit louder. No official DB meter, just my trusty little earlobes. shocked.gif

Ouch! I think I'll pass if it is louder than the WB.

The Dubach system is now available in Australia, e-mail me @ or phone 0410 547 548 for more details.



The customer service alone is unbelievable!!! When you call you either get to talk directly to Doug or his wife Gina, thats pretty cool. I just got my pipe today for my 02 426 and the low and mid range power is greatly improved and you also get the bonus removable spark arrester for some of us that trail ride. $416 delivered, money well spent! As for the noise level, I did not find it any louder than stock.

This is not official but...

I have the 250F with the Dubach pipe and LOVE it. Made a great diff through bottom mid and top.

My buddy works for UL and brought home a calibrated decibel meter. (this is what Underwriters labs uses for any sound testing of the products that it lists).

ANy ways, at 20 inches away from the pipe at a 45deg angle(behind) and level to the ground and at pipe height:

got 94 DB at IDLE

102 DB at 1/4 throttle

105 DB at 1/2 throttle

110+ at full throttle

I might do this test again with the WR pipe with baffle out as a comparison.

It was still much quieter than my buddies XR with the baffle removed.

the register only went to 110 and he was off the chart at 1/2 throttle

THis was just me, nothing official or endorsed by anyone. Thought these figures I came up with might be useful for people who are deciding based on sound.

If sound is a concern over power then Dr.D maybe not the choice for you. But if you are closed course or sound is not a concern then go for it.


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