Any opinions with a Maxxis IT on the BRP.

I have been running a Maxxis IT on my bike and have been on two 1000 mile trips with the same tire. Its shot now, but has held up better then any other tire I've used. I've also noticed the price of this tire used to be alot less money then most other brands and now the price seems to be rising and comparible to most of the other tires. Anyone have any experince with this tire?

I am a big Maxxis Fan. Shop on line for your tires. I have been getting mine from Rocky Mountain, but I see that has good pricing with no shipping $$ for orders over 100 samolians. Great Bang For the Buck IMHO. :)

I too like this tire for my needs with lower than normal air pressure (~13 PSI) and have a few spares on hand :)

Ditto on all that. I have about 1200 miles mixed street and dirt and it has by far held up better that any other non DOT tire I've tried including the d606. Kind of loose on the street and on hardpack(not made for it anyway!) :) but, no chunking and it wears evenly. I'll buy one again though probably not the 140......eats too many of the plastic roost guards.


I got aquestion for you running the 140, you figure it will eat my mudguard with a 13 tooth front on the stock chain? my 120/100 has 3/8 inch clearance, and its big for its rating. I need a new tire bad, just enough on the old one to stud it. Tires are like t!ts, the bigger the better :). thanks in advance, JR


You should be fine with a 13 tooth front. I'm running 15/48 combo and it tends to rub at high speeds untill the tire about 1/3 worn. No big deal, I happily pay the $9.00 for a new mudguard every few months, I figure running the Maxxis IT saves me more that that by not having to buy a new D606 every month!


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