Should of had a case saver!

Well I recently bought my 450 not knowing that the case had been cracked from the chain. :thumbsup: stupid me for not looking. Anyways after riding it some I found it seeping oil and getting really dirty under the front sprocket. So I took it all off to find the cracked case. Well I cleaned It all up and was trying to think of how to fix it. I was digging around in the shop and found a tube of 3M Plastic Metal.. I have never heard of this stuff but I researched it to find that It is supposed to fill and seal cracks and minor holes. Its sandable and paintable. So I gave it a try. It went on easy and holds! I was impressed really. No leaking or anything. I only put it on today so I have no idea if it will hold for long. It almost looks and feels like the metal on the case.

Well I just thought I would share that with you guys and if it turns out that its crap and doesnt hold should I weld it or is there any other suggestions?

Thanks. I will upload a pic of my experiment tomorrow. :blink:

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