motorcyle oil in Canada

I've been trying to buy valvoline motorcycle oil,Kendall or any name brand oil but it seems that most of them are not brought into the country or I've run into the most lazy bunch of pukes in the oil industy. Anybody have an idea besides Mobil one or Yamalube?? :)

Amsoil :)

If I could buy it in the store I would think about it. It drives me nuts every time I search on the net that 12 out of 20 come up Amsoil! Plus its like 10 bucks a bottle. I just want a motorcycle mineral oil because how often you should change the oil. If this WR had a thermostat to bring the oil temp up I would spend $16 on Belray and leave it in longer :)

Opti 4 ! Most bike shops in Calgary carry it. Don't cheap out on the oil, using high quality oil and changing it often is the least expensive way to maintain your bike's tranny and engine. WR Dave.

Crappy Tire carries Castrol 4 stroke Motorcycle oil as well as their own generic label. Both modestly priced, without the slip additives found in SL rated auto oils.


Esso protec and change it often, its a good oil--I even heard Esso makes yamalube in canada :)

Yeah, Amsoil kicks ass! :) You can now get Amsoil from Canadian Tire. They can order if not in stock and sell it for less than at my Yamaha dealer. They are advertising Amsoil's 'Formula 4 stroke 0W40' motorcycle oil for only $10.15 (Cdn)...Amsoil's 10W40 motorcycle oil is slightly cheaper.

Damn! Only 6.5 hours and my 24 hour editing limit is out already...The Amsoil is in fact a slightly expensive synthetic but well worth it, and you only need 1.5 quarts per change.

I always go to Wally Mart for Mobil 1 with the RED CAP. The new 4.5 litre container goes for $ 26.95 I think. The other day while grocery shopping @ Super Store, I saw the same 4.5 litre container of Mobil 1 for $ 24.95.

I use Motul 5100 technosynthese. I didn't know Canadian tire can have Amsoil... :D

I may give it a try. :)

The last idiot I talked to at Canadian tire pointed out the 0w40 amsoil and said there ya go buddy! I guess that explains why at 40 or 50 years he still works stocking shelves!! lazyiest bunch I ever seen. He would'nt even look to see if they could get the 10w40 or 20w50 motorcycle :)

I tried several top brand. Finally I'm on Ipone S4 semi-synthetic. It's a bit expensive you might say (45$ for 4 liters, a bit less than a gallon). But when I do oil and filter change, I don't have much residu. If you change your oil at short intervals (300 KM), the odds are on your side anyway :).

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