DRD Slipon

I would like to know if I buy a Full system DRD exhaust - this is the header and full silencer system - For a 2009 Model WR 450 F will I have the header over the oilfiterbolt problem ?

Can I use the silencer part as a slipon only or is there parts missing when you buy a "slipon" only ?

I presume the DRD header is thicker than the standard Yamaha header ?

Does the DRD have a Clamp on the silencer part ? Does not look like it from the DRD site?

Ok found some info all over the net , A Drd slipon has a sleeve to fit a st WR header and has no clamp system .

Top oilfilter cover bolt access is a problem!

Full system header is verry exposed and has no gaurd.

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