Local Yamaha Shop Improving?

I don't know about most of you guys but I've had terrible luck with the local Yamaha shop. I almost didn't buy this bike because it's been so bad.

Anyway, I tried to buy some oil and dust seals for the forks on line and the place e-mailed me back that they were discontinued. :) Price was $7.70 per oil seal and $11.54 per dust seal with $8 shipping. $46.48 total

I called the local Yamaha shop just to check and they had them in stock for $9.49 oil and $12.09 for dust. $43.16 w/out tax.

Something strange is going on. My local shop is actually going to be very competitive with an on line, large, discount Yamaha parts store. Could they actually be reading TT?

For once, here's to my local shop. :D

It's about time you fix that fork seal John! :) It was leaking on the ride in Moab a few weeks ago. Your riding season is probably over for the winter. I thought the Denver Yamaha dealer was not too bad. A bit of a drive from Ft. Collins. :D

Depending on the On-line shop, they may not get very competitive pricing on Yamaha parts OR that's where they make the money instead of on tires and helmets.

I give as much business to my local shop as possible. The result? They let me change my own tires on their equipment, allow me to place special orders without prepayment and I get to ride with the shop guys at their private track.

The owner is now hooked on Supermoto. He uncrated a YZ450F, put 17" wheels and Motomaster brakes on it and is using it for a few of the shop guys to ride at various Supermoto races! If the bike isn't being ridden they let me take the wheels off it as back ups in case I need them for rains or fresh rubber.

It's more than worth the little bit extra they earn compared to on-line shops. Spend a little, get a lot.

Fredericktown Yamaha rocks! :):D

If I got 1/10th of that service/benefit, I'd gladly pay a little more for parts at this shop. No such luck or service. I used to try and buy everything from them for all my Yamaha's but I've had such poor service it's just not worth it.

Loan me a part or tools? Give me a break, they wanted $200 labor to put in my fork seals. I'd have to blo$ somebody there for that type of benefit. :D

Indy, it's Hare Scrambles time so I may try one this year. There is also some riding in an area nearby called the Pawnee National Grasslands that I'll take my young boys this winter to teach them to ride. There is one other area called Left Hand Canyon that I can go to in the mountains but fire and environmental Nazi's from Boulder are making that seem like it may soon be a thing of the past. :)

That's my experience exactly.....ride with 'em, race with 'em, wrench with 'em and hang out at the shop and bench race with 'em and you're one of the "Friends of the Shop"....great status to have! :)

And you CAN'T beat the perks.... :D

Hey Dan,

Did you get a ticket on the way home just before Denver?

I thought I saw you pulled over.

Vickery is the only Yamaha shop in Denver I used when I lived there.

Hey John, I just got a nice warning ticket. Thats the second time I got just a warning in Colorado. :D The other time was on my R1 in Crested Butte area. Colorado state troopers are real nice guys! Good luck hare scrambling this winter. :)

Vickery is the only Yamaha shop in Denver I used when I lived there

There are some great people working at Vickery but I recently ran into a problem with the owner backing out of a deal that was promised. I try to avoid doing business there now. A buddy has had similiar problems there. It's all recently so I'm not sure whats going on down there.

Dan, we got a pulled over for a warning right after you got pulled over. We were right b4 the eyesenhour tunnel and we lost the tail light's. Pulled us over at 11,000ft in 30deg weather to fix our lights. Nice guy's YEA RIGHT!

I notice that I get a few Perks from my Yami dealer. If your nice to them they will be nice to you.

But I did learn 1 thing about my dealer this summer. I wont under any circumstances let them work on my bike. They can bore a cylinder, recharge a shock, or press a crank. But they will never get there hands on my entire bike again.

I brought it in this summer when I was stumped by that spun intake cam gear. They charged me $75 to screw up my jetting, smile and wave as I drove off. They never even found the cam gear problem. They looked right at it and didn't see it. And they are the experts. The shop monkey that worked on it said "it seemed to run fine to me when I rode it" I looked him straight in the eyes and asked him " Have you ever rode one of these before??"

Never again. I know know that between TT and me I know far more about my bike than they do.

That could be. I haven't bought anything from them in a while. Bruce Sass knows his stuff and one of my friends rode for them for years and still gets bikes at a discount. Old man Vickery is no slouch on a bike either. His kid Doug is a little out there and road races.

I agree Donny I would rather take my time and rebuild the engine myself rather than rely on some mechanic in a rush.

TT has an extensive knowledge base. There isn't to much you can't find or ask on our great forum! :)

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