BK Mod confusion????

Alright, I did the mod a few weeks ago and I love it!! It accelerates hard out of the turns, seems to gain RPM faster, more control with the front end up in the air and overall better throttle response. However, I am reading about everyone being able to crack open the trottle as fast as they can from a dead idle and the motor not bogging. If I do that, mine stalls!! Everything is set up right and other than that the bike runs flawless. Where and when do you crack the throttle from a dead idle? Even when leaving the line your R's are up.

Am I just misunderstanding everyone or should I really be able to crack the throttle as fast as possible from a dead idle without a bog or stall?

Let me know, I'm very courious. Thanks!!..............

I still have this problem after the mod also, but only if I whack the throttle as fast as possible. Normal throttle use works great. Input would be appreciated.

Try messing with the timing screw. Get a permanent marker and mark the screw head where it is now. Then try adjusting it in 1/4 turn increments and see if you can find a better setting.

I backed mine out (advancing the squirt) 1/2 turn and it made a difference on my WR250F.

Be sure the bike is well warmed up!

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