2004 YZ450F trade ..need input guys.

I have a 2004 KX250F /RMZ-250 that I have babied ...handled all issues with 1.6 radiator cap , PC waterpump / PC T4 exhaust and Hinson clutch ..well rehearsed in "1st gen dog" although was good for me ..

Anyways at 6 foot 220 lbs ...I recently rebuilt everything on bike crank,valves , seals and all bearings for someone to enjoy....cause moving up to 450

I have a trade offer from someone for a 2004 YZF450 (bone stock) ....just curious your thoughts on that year

Thanks for any advice ahead of time :thumbsup:

All year yz450f's are great bikes, but a 06-09 will handle much better than an 04.

The '03 and '04 YZ450F were nearly identical but for the improved suspension on the '04. They are a completely unique MX within my experience. They're kind of like what would have happened if the 426 had been a two-stroke, but they're definitely a four-stroke. There hasn't been anything quite the same before or since. If you can hear the engine, you're in the power range somewhere, and the bikes had a signature aggressive torque response that gave the impression that they were even more powerful than they actually were.

They were difficult to turn unless you worked the rear brake and throttle pretty hard, a handful with a 250 pound top-heavy bike, but it was crazy how well they would rail berms. Very different beast. It would be a hard bike to win MX on these days, but still fun to play on.

You know they're a 4 speed, right?

Ditto on the 4spd... which personally just love. It's comes down to choice

GrayRacer is pure expert on these year, and the best info. out there (period).

Only comment is make sure your getting something of value.

Sounds like your 250 may be more up-to-date than the stock 450, and

you didn't mention hr.'s, history, usage, etc. on this 04 YZ450F ?

Yet, the 06's are a very Nice bike as well... and now 6 yrs. old..

should find plenty for a nice (fair) price.

I'f you like a comparison, well:

Purch. my 04 in Spring of 2010, w/ less than 30 hrs. & all stock (orig. everything).

First thing I did was get in and check the valves & matched up w/ statement.

Paid $2300, and litterally bought a new air filter, better grips and levers, and

put about another 30-40 hrs. + oil changes.

Now just down to doing full updates.. from tires last year, then this spring:

New sprock's, chain, front forks seals, linkage seals and grease..., exhaust, about everything

except the motor and frame and rims. So far, my valves and injection are TOP notch..

no change. Runs in Midwest, and rolls over always by 2nd kick..

I'm 180 (was 170 lb. while riding) at 5'-8" and should really lower a bit (for me).

Launches my rear, and even after a couple years and the time, it's a bike I don't

get tired (bored) of. It litterally keeps me "on my toes" to keep tamed.

Got nice hours this past winter (min. to No snow), yet this spring things started

to show their age.. so still working on maint. and service needs.

Researched 426's, and looked at a couple older before really holding out for the

04 YZ450F because of the 4spd. and overall +++ remarks on this & the 05's,

both when New and ownership info.

Comes down to value of your's.... getting the 04 may just be getting you back

to needed upgrades... maybe selling your 250 and holding out for the best

value on an 06... yet, honestly no way I'll part w/ my 2004 YZ450F... it's been

a fair purchase at the time that's still got plenty of hours (once I get a front

fork issue solved). Just comes down to your $.... sadly.. it's what makes us

spend it.

Good luck

Guys thanks for the info on the 2004 YZ450F :thumbsup: .

I like what you guys said about the handling on the 04 against the 06-09 ..Thats a huge thing for me because Im just getting back into weekend warrior mx ..but want to compete.

To answer the question the 450 has 10 hours on complete rebuild and the guy is a straight shooter ... nothing wrong with either bikes . I love that tempermental 250 ...but at my weight I m rev'ed too high on jumps into inclines...and thats with flawless landing,suspension and gearing...it is what it is sometimes....I dont plan on having that problem on 450's

(tried bike today)

4 speed.....ummmmmm Id only need a 5th speed in this 450 if I planned on jumping some buses ...lmao even at 6 ft 220 lbs this Yamaha puts the fear of GOD into me ....I ride too tall on this bike i see and first thing is 50 tooth sprocket ....

I see what your saying about turns ...but you feel like king of the track on that ride...wow Beast !! I might pony up though and go 06-07 ..

To be continued ... :blink:

Good gas guys

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