A New Map That Works Really Well

Hey guys I know I don't post a lot around here, but have been here for years lol. Just can't seem to find time to come on this computer but I did tonight! I thought I would post my map that I have been using with my 2012. I took the Marmont map and put it on the dyno. I wasn't to pleased with the results and the air fuel ratio. So I played with the fuel and timing just a little bit to get the air fuel ratio more where it should be. Turns out it makes 2.8hp more on the dyno (than stock). I know you read these maps don't make more hp's but that is untrue. It's not neck snapping hp but it makes the curve pull harder longer and in the end tipping the scales at just under 3 more hp. This bike was new right out of the crate with zero hrs on it and just a few heat cycles. Only things it had is 110 vp race fuel with a fmf factory 4.1 slip on, I'm about 740 feet above sea level if anyone is wondering. 12 pulls were made on the dyno and no this race bike has 15hrs on it and I haven't had time to put it back on and see if anything changed.

I have loaded this map into a few bikes around here most guys I'm racing with so don't want to give it out to much lol. Guys are running it with 91 pump gas without any problems, also most of them have an exhaust. I find you can lug it out of the corners and still rev it out like a 250f and it doesn't fall off (stock gearing). I try did try this bike "map" with it geared down didn't care for it outdoors. Sometimes I don't like to switch up a gear if I really don't have to and with this map it allows it. I have been racing for years at the A/B level so I know somewhat, what I'm talking about lol.

Just something for you guys to try I'm sure some wont like it, can't make everyone happy but anyone that has driven this bike loves it. So why not share the love since it was based on the Marmont map. Let me know if anyone trys it, might be a few days before I come back on here.

Here's "MAP 9"


-1 +3 -2

+3 +4 -3

-2 -3 -2


+2 +2 +2

+2 +4 +2

+2 +4 +4


I really like the Marmont map, so I think I'll give this map a try. Thanks.

I think you mistakenly reposted the Marmont map. Could you post your modified Marmont map? I'd love to try it. Thanks.

I think you mistakenly reposted the Marmont map. Could you post your modified Marmont map? I'd love to try it. Thanks.

thats what I think too although his sig is yz007f lol

That's the Jay Marmont map, alright. It does work, though, you're right about that.

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