fuel question

Now i'm sure its been talked about but i'll post it anyways. Specific question: What VP fuel meets this criteria?

Stock 2011 yz 450 f

Highest octane i can benefit from

no ethanol

oxygenated or not? bike will be used for ice racing this winter

will not gum anything up if it sits

leaded or not?

I guess thats it. Is the new SEF 94 octane what i need or the T4. Too many choices and don't dare to make an uneducated guess.

The main thing is i want to get away from this "CRAP" [ i have other words for it but they're in the garage] pump gas. I don't want any chance of water finding it's way in the fuel system this winter.

So if someone could enlighten me before i buy 55 gallons of the wrong stuff, i would appreciate it.



The highest octane you can benefit from is 95 Research Octane or roughly 88 Motor Octane, which equates to around 90-91 Anti-Knock Index (R+M/2), which is the number you see posted on U.S. gas pumps. The reason is that that's all the octane the engine requires to avoid detonation, which is the only thing octane number relates directly to.

However, if the fuel in your area is really bad, using a quality race gas may get you several gains other than the octane rating. Choose one formulated for modern four-stroke motorcycle engines.

I thought about going this route also but was concerned with the fuel going bad after it sat for awhile

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