Arm pump questions

Sorry if I'm digging up an old topic here, but last night at the gym I was trying to discover an exercise that simulated the effects of arm pump. Obviously with the intention of making those weak areas, what ever they are, stronger.

The curls, pull downs, bench presses and the like help with the general abuse we take on the bike, but I still can't find a specific exercise to target just those muscle sets.

Or perhaps this is hopeless, explaining why some of the factory guys goes under the knife.



An oldy but a goody, wrist rolls. Take an old broom handle or equivalent, drill hole in middle, attach thin rope, tie it to a weight and start cranking. Arms straight out in front of you parallel to floor. Change the rotation direction and do with palms up and palms down, mostly down. Choose weight for 10-15 rolls with no rest and try 3 sets. I guarantee it will burn the forearms and feel similar to arm pump! If it doesn't add weight. Make it the last thing in your work-out or you will be useless for the rest. You will soon look like Popeye.

Good Luck, Keith

I bought the motosport trainer attachment that hooks up to a rowing machine. Basicly it is a set of bars with rotational grips on each end. The first time I used it I could only row on the machine 5 minuets before my forearms pumped up like I was in a race. After about 3 to 4 weeks I was able to do 30 minuets on the rowing machine. I could definately feel the difference on the track. My arms would not get pumped as fast, and when they did I did not feel like I lost any strength and was able to hold on. I think worth it to anybody who races. Here is the web site for more info.

That is a great idea. I have also found a gripper called the supergripper. This thing is as close to a moto lever pull as you will find. It's VERY adjustable and really improves the grip. I know arm pump is not just grip but this has helped me a lot. I don't have the link handy but I'll bet a search for "super gripper" will find it. It's about 35 bucks...a lot more than the broom handle thingamajig...

Reminds me of that Rocky movie where he's training in Russia...he uses rocks in a net for weights and chops a bunch of wood and stuff. I'll bet if you used a gallon or two of goats milk with the broom handle thing that would really "pump you up!"



Rip the knobbies clean off !!

the powerball .... it is a gyro, for hands and arms.

i broke my wrist, and had NO arm left..just skin and bone, and a large screw. now I have two strong arms.. and no arm pump!

If you are willing to try something new, here's something that "might" be of help. Simply cut out, or sharply reduce, your intake of processed sugar. That means little or no cookies, cake, ice cream, sodas, milk, or anything else made with sugar. The nice thing about doing this is that the results can be noticed quickly. About 3 weeks. So, if after 3 weeks you see no difference, you can go back to eating these products if you like.

Another thing you guys might try is something called Propel, made by Gatorade.

Drink several of these about an hour before you ride and see what you think. I have found they do wonders. Very high in Potassium and Niacin and very Low in Carbohydrates. I have turned on several of my racing buddies on to this and now they swear by it. Let me know.


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