Yoshi rs4 slip on review

Well today i received my yoshi slip on today for my 2012 yz450f. I was looking to see just how much of a difference the pipe would make compared to my stock exhaust, so i headed to my local track.

I rode the bike first with the stock exhaust, the came in and had my buddy swap it out to the rs4. I did this because i wanted the freshest memory of how the bike felt before the change

Right off the bat, it was snappy. Not too much were it felt like it wanted to rip out from underneath me, but a noticeable difference. The bike was definitely opened up. Pull was harder and rev was longer. It was pretty amazing.

So after that we pulled out the insert and spark arrester. Right away there was a noise difference! Lol it was loud. But man did it sound amazing. I didnt really notice anymore gain with the inserts out. But it was fun to ride with the sound of the thing lol

So all and all, i would absolutely recommend this slip on for anyone looking for some more power. For me personally be a student and all, spending $350 on a slip on and not $900 for a full system was perfect for me

Usually can find smoking deals on Leo Vincé slip-ons on EBay, I paid $150 with shipping two years ago for my '08.

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