Rider without a Ride :-(

hey all ,

Long story short bought a 1995 honda xr80r worked for 10 minutes and lost all spark.

Started looking around and found that there is a different type of starter/ignition setup then factory

They have spliced the wires coming from the Stator and removed this I believe (this should be visible to me right? http://imageshack.us...9/58576796.jpg/

They had this prior http://imageshack.us..../img0550lb.jpg/ (also with some black cylinder thing lol ) That small nova thing had a connection coming from the stator ???? then grounded itself on frame .

My setup looks like this http://imageshack.us..../img0548zi.jpg/ ,http://imageshack.us.../img0549zn.jpg/

I guess the problem is I need a new stator ?? is it possible anything else is the problem ... spark plug is good.

Any tips for removal of flywheel/stator would be extremely helpful because I want to do it myself *SIGH*

Thanks in advance guys

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I could only see the first photo in the links you provided.

When I removed the flywheel on my little XR200 I used one of those nylon strap wrenches used for oil filters to hold the flywheel while loosening the nut. I got the strap wrench at Napa for $10 http://www.napaonlin...3149_0006475803 . I believe the manual will mention something about that type of wrench.

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Awesome man thanks for your help :-)

Turns out I bought a xr80 with a 95 frame and still trying to find out what engine is on it HE01E-6004780

what are the possible engines to fit this style of frame ?

I had a think about you said there no spark, I don't think it would have anything to do with the fly wheel.

Have u tried a new plug in it some time they stuff up if not used for long time. Or the other thing it would be ignition some times when people wash there bike moisture can get into it and wreck it :( hope this reply helped u out.

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