2010 rmz250 mount bars forward

Hey guys,

I've recently picked up a 2010 rmz250, I'm 6'3 and am a little cramped on it. Is there anyway I can move the bars forward so that I have some more room without having to tilt the bars forward leaving them at a funny angle? I have already put on some handlebars that are taller then the stock ones but would really like to move them forward.

Are there any bar mounts that are offset? Or would I need to get new triple clamps?

Also any other tall rider tips would be greats

Thanks guys!

You can buy bar mounts that have an offset.

A taller seat would work. I saw a tall seat foam for an oem seat on ebay yesterday. Also look at langston racing, they sell a top clamp by zeta that is bullet proof, and it adjusts in 8 different possitions forward and back. You can also buy taller bar mounts to fit them, I thinks there's 6 different heights. We bent about 4 bars on my sons kawi and never bent the bar clamps. about $170.00

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