Random O-rings help

Just got back from riding. I was cleaning up a bit and found 2 random O-rings on my garage floor. They are the special hard rubber square type ones that you see on these bikes so I am pretty sure they came from a bike (I also have a 2005 YZ250F so it's possible they came from that as well). I had changed my oil last night so first thought was that they came from the oil filter housing so I took it off again but all 3 (same size) o-rings were there. The ones I found are 2 different sizes, one larger and one smaller than the 3 in the oil filter housing. I couldn't get the camera to focus well but that is a dime they are next to. I have no idea where these o-rings came from and I can't stop worrying about it until I solve the mystery!

Neither motor has ever been apart in this garage. I have cleaned carbs out before but I don't think they are from there. Anyone know where these would go?


Sorry my bike is a 2009 YZ450F. That is the one I ride and changed the oil on last night. The 250 has sat for awhile.

If you have an aftermarket skid plate and removed it to do the oil change, they probably belong between the two front skid plate bolts and the frame.

You have never carried a small bolt to the start line, threw it on the ground beside the rider next to ya, wait a little, reach over and tap his shoulder and point? I think yur buddy is ffin with ya. lol!! the small oring looks bout the size on the fork bleeder? don't know on the other. good luck!

The small one looks just like the one on the bottom of the carb I believe it is call the accelrator pump? Anyway I just cleaned my carb and it was small like that and had square edges as you suggested. It is about the size of a pencil eraser.

So I just realized they are not hard rubber, but metal. All day I was like &%$#@! are these? Then it just hit me, they are eyes from an old fishing pole mounted right above one of my bikes! Total fail. Don't make me feel stupidier than I already do. At least I'm not worried about my bike anymore.

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