Muffler Question ??

I had a quick question. I have a '03 WR450 and I am contemplating a new muffler. I have a stock muffler with the GYT-R insert. Can I but a FMF Titanium muffler and install it with the stock header or do I need to put the whole system on. The bike runs great, but I would like to make the bike breath a little better and make it sound a LITTLE bit more pipey. What do you guys think? Chuck :)

You should be able to slip it onto the stock header. For where you are at you might consider getting a quiet pipe though. Ease up on the retard slam, you might have kids some day.

Ease up on the retard slam, you might have kids some day.

Where did that come from?

FMF exhaust systems consist of 3 sections. The headpipe, the mid pipe, and the silencer.

The installation of the FMF Titanium 4 silencer DOES REQUIRE you to use their titanium mid pipe. If you're going to go that far, I would just but a FMF titanium headpipe as well. You will save a TON of weight over stock (I don't know if the '03 stock pipes were as heavy as my '01 426) and the bike will breathe so much better. I haven't forked out the dough for a Ti system on my 426, but luckily the 250F that I bought came with one on it, and it blows my mind how quickly the thing rev's.

If you're just looking for something that breathes better. Why not save some money and get their stainless system? If you're cool with the bikes weight, the stainless system is great too. :)

Leave it just like it is and maybe you will still have some where to ride in five or ten years, make it loud and give it to the greens. Your Choice! :)


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