Frozen Chain Adjuster bolt ?

This problem actually exists on my YZ 250. The bolt moves freely the further in it is turned. Right now I'm moving it out to compensate for my chain stretching. The further I turn the chain adjuster bolt out, the harder it is to turn. So much so that at this point a box wrench won't turn it. I actually have to push the axle in, so I can get a socket on the end to turn it. I've tried to spray some WD-40 on it and leave it soak, but it's a no go. Any recommendations ?


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the only thing that I could suggest would be to try some penetrating oil used for tapping threads. It may already be too late due to the possibility of the aluminum being heated up and welding itself to the steel bolt. In that case, you'll probably have to drill and tap another hole. A bit of preventive maint. is to remove the chain adjuster bolts when the bike is new and apply some anti-seize grease to the threads of the bolts, this prevents this from ever happening. Good luck, and let us know the outcome.



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I have had the same problem. I don't know what it is with those swingarms but when they decide to sieze an adjuster bolt, they do it well. I tried everything, even heat but the bolt ended breaking off inside any way. If this happens a good fix I found is a product called the "swingarm buddy". I'm not sure who makes it but I know sells it. It comes with a drill bit and all the stuff to fix it. It works good. Now I always put anti-sieze on my swingarm bolts.

Good luck!

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