Piston choice for 2009 YZ450F

what would you guy's suggest as a replacement? OEM or aftermarket (brand)? i already have the case split to repair the 5th gear issue i have. so while i have it apart, i want to replace the piston and rings.


Unless you are racing and you're losing races only because of a lack of 1 horsepower, OEM is less expensive and more reliable.

athena. I recently purchased one off ebay for 42 dollars including shipping brand new. complete with rings, circlips and wrist pin. I have seen more on there. Its 13.6 to 1. cant beat it.

oh and forged.

oh and forged.

OEM YZF pistons are also forged.

i ordered everything i'll need to put my 09 back together. i went with what was suggested for the piston,...Yamaha OEM.

should have all the OEM parts by the end of the month.

thanks guy's!

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anywhere you can buy the oem as a kit?

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