YZ or CRF 450

I'm going to buy a newer bike either this fall or this spring and have been doing some research and its narrowed down to either 06-08 crf450 or 06-09 yz450 09 being my choice.I'm hearing some talk that the 09 yz have some tranny issues but also hear the crf have valve issues,i know this is the yammi forum and it will be a lil bias but there are alot of knowlodgeable people here and would like to know your thoughts on my 2 choices.At the beginning it was all crf and as I did some more digging i'm starting to lean on the yz side.I came from a kx250 that I had bored to a 265 and added rad valve and a gnarly pipe to get the bottom end better,now the bike is just too much and wears me out,the throttle response is just to touchy.I know that can be changed back but its time to have something different.I just recently bought a 2001 yz426 and I'm in love with the smooth power,the bike is heavy but the power is just the way I want but would like it to have a tad more,believe it or not but the kx has more bottem that the 426 but the 426 would kill it top end.I like the softer suspension of the yz and I'm not a track rider.I ride open trails,small amount of woods and alot of sand pits.I dont rev the bike out for long periods and have yet to hear the limiter of the 426 but I do like low/mid power.I don't want a bike thats going to be all trouble and I understand that buying used you never know.Most likely it will come down to whats available at the time but would like to hear your input on my choices.I thought about a kawi and have nothing bad to say but I really don't like the kawi dealer here,honda dealer gives me great prices and yammi seems to be ok without the prices benefit.

There are many improvements to the 09 YZ compared to earlier years. If you go YZ try to get an 09.

With the CRF there were insignificant changes between 06-08. Any year in that range is good, go with the one in the best condition.

I would say the Kayaba suspension is a little better on the YZ but the CRF has better low to mid power characteristics.

Realistically once either bike is set up for you the differences are very minimal. They're both great bikes.

i race all mx but i do trail ride maybe three times a year with my buddies, i have had both a yz450, 2008 new and a crf450 , 2008 new, the yamaha/ i hated that thing for mx it was a slug, it was a quiet easy to ride slug tho, very good in the woods, and yamahas last forever,, the honda, i love it still have it, 87 hours on the clock and motor has never been apart, only one valve adjustment at 45 hrs, 08 is still the best year crf450 for mx , but if i was trail ridding and i was buying used i would buy the yamaha or honda and i would go with the cleanest lowest hr one

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