Online parts fiche for 1973,1974 Honda Elsinore CR250M

Hi, I'm trying to look up some part #'s for the 1973-1974 Elsinores, and all the online parts fiche seem to be messed up, only showing QA50 as the model for that year, and some don't show 1973 at all. Anybody know a website where the parts fiche for these models is currently working? Thanks

Sorry to say, it appears Honda is not as kind to the vintage guys as Yamaha is. The difference is about a 10 year thing. I wish I had a suggestion for you.



OP, see if your S.N. fits into the range listed. I sure see a lot of NOT AVAILABLE though. Good luck.

Those years are the first I have found to be missing from the link I posted. Always nice to have backup parts list websites.

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