FMF finally answered

Remember my previous post asking if FMF usually answer their mail? Well they finally answered yesterday. They told me that their Q muffler was very quiet ( of course ) and they talked about a gain of 1.5 horsepower. :)

Thats a lot of money for 1.5 hp.

That's my opinion too. The worst thing about it is that it probably does not give an additional 1.5hp all across the powerband. Those pipes might improve only the top end or the midrange...

I never got an answer to a mounting question I had. The Q is much quiter than stock unplugged but it was at the cost of power. It's better than my VOR tip though

FMF told me 3 to 5 hp

FMF told me 3 to 5 hp

Weird? I have some difficulty to believe that an aftermarket pipe, even a Q, could be sold at that price for only 1.5hp gain but that's what they told me... have a look at his message:

"The Q-muffler will only add about 1.5hp increase overstock but that muffler

is designed to stay under 96 db's."

How many HP can you gain with a Ti-4?

Are you sure their gains aren't compared to a stock, corked up exhaust?

I can't see a FMF Q making more hp than an uncorked stock exhaust.

It's better than my VOR tip though

Hows the sound compaired to the Vortip? Also by looking at the FMF how can you tell if its the Q and not the Powercore?

I have recently purchased a used Q and am very happy with it. A friend bought a new Powercore 4 at about the same time. He put a quiet insert into it and it is quieter than my Q. The Q looks hardly used.

The VOR tip is a little quiter than the Q but at the cost of more performance, thats the reason I bought a Q. My Q muffler says its a Q. The logo on the side is a big Q with "FMF" on the inside of the logo.

Thats a lot of money for 1.5 hp.

I'd be happy with any silencer that meets 94db on a 450 and would make the same power as stock. You say it makes 1.5hp more than stock??? BONUS!

Are you sure their gains aren't compared to a stock, corked up exhaust?

You cannot uncork a canadian exhaust! Unless you cut it with a steel saw and build a fitting for an after market endcap or insert to bolt on.

I'm not sure the guy at FMF was comparing it to a fully stock pipe or to an unplugged US pipe... I'll ask.

As for the powercore 4 + the quiet insert solution, what is the performance? What quiet insert? :)

OK here is my mail to FMF,

Dear Chris,

Thank you for your answer.

Me and other guys on T-Talk want to make sure about something

Is the Q producing a 1.5 HP bonus over the stock or over the uncorked exhaust?

Second, some mentioned that the Powercore 4 muffler with a quiet insert could be as quiet as the Q. Do you have any info? Is there a Powercore 4 quiet insert available? What about the sound level and performance of such a combination over a fully stock canadian or US pipe?

Thank you for you help



I have the quiet insert for my PC4 and it does make the pipe a lot quieter. I never had it sound tested though, so i cant give a DB reading. I would compare it to a stock pipe with the GYT-R insert, but a nicer tone. Of course, you can feel the power loss compared to the straight through PC4. It's a nice combination and gives you great flexibility to have power and noise control depending on where you are riding.

Come on're not buying a Q for power gains, you're buying it so your bike isn't so obnoxious sounding and/or to pass sound tests. The Q is fantastic in that it quiets the bike without a serious HP sacrifice. I mean, really, if you want a significant HP increase you're going to have to look to a silencer other than the quiet ones.


Here is the answer from Chris Palmer from FMF racing


It looks like the Q improves the YZ250f stock pipe by almost 3 HP. My canadian pipe is much more restrictive than a YZ pipe so I guess I could obtain at least a 3-4 HP gain with a Q compared to my stock canadian pipe.

Here are the comments of Chris about the PowerCore 4 and its available FMF quiet insert.


"The Q does produce more power over the stock muffler. The Powercore4 does produce more power than the Q-muffler it just doesn't meet the 96 db law. We do sell a quiet insert for the muffler, but only makes it quieter by two db's. You can get that muffler pretty close to 96 db's or maybe even on the dot. If you repack the muffler using steel wool first then fiberglass packing, using the quiet insert, & changing the end-cap to the spout style."

End of quotation.

Thanks Chris! :)

I might get one of those FMF finally...

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