Here is me ( my 1st pics on TT!)

Hi guys,

I've been receiving good infos and had great amount of laughs since I'm on this forum but I had never post pics of myself or my bike so I think it's time now...Hope you'll like it even if it was taken with a disposable.

Let's start with my first crash with the Wr: note the forearm and the bent bars :D


Me and the Québec province on the background


We had to climb to take that last picture though



Yeah dude! I rock! :):D


Showing by friend's BRP.


Where electricity comes from



Nice pictures Math. :)

Where exactly did you take them ? Are those trails open to everybody, or did you have to play hide and seek with the 4wheelers patrols :D?


Those pics were all taken in the north-west region of the Portneuf Comté. There are many trails that were originally made for logging years ago and are now used for snowmobile. The problem that we face is that some people taking too much mari are trying to transform some of the trails in bicycle trails in which, of course, we would not be allowed to ride. The point is that they made it but nobody goes there by bicycle... in fact cavaliers and 4 wheelers ( they are the great majority on motorcycles here ) are the ones who use it. The administration of the towns concerned are now thinking about forgetting this bicycle projet and to convert those trails in a VTT and horse playground in which we would be allowed! Cool hey...

It is just normality, those trails survived all those years because the VTT and cavaliers use them each year...

When we are not allowed in trails, we use the road. That's why the Baja kit is worth.

As for the four wheelers patrol, they may try to catch us... Anyway, we do less dammage than them and we are often less noisy then they are + we are street legal! :)

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