Yamaha Issue

Hi folks,

Started having problems with my WR recently, cutting out while riding as if someone hit the kill switch and sometimes not starting at all. Other than that its running perfectly! I've checked the airbox for the sake of it and theres nothing wrong there, getting fuel, no water in the carby. Recently got a new sparky. It's a '00 WR400f. Thoughts?



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I would have a look at ur wiring harness. Check for any worn wires or dead shorts to the frame.

Does it just die? Or cough and splutter then die?

Clogged pilot? Does it cut out right when you let off the throttle?


bypass the kill switch first, then the ingnition switch if that was not hte culprit. free and easy test.

^^ What he said. I was kicking and bump starting my bike for an hour last weekend trying to get it to start. Water got in the kill switch connector behind the headlight making it a closed circuit. Check the simple stuff first.

Yeah, we're going to need more info.


Sorry for the late reply, It just cuts out and it is just after I let off the throttle.

Check the pilot jet. It is clogged.

Will do, thanks mate!

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